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I credit my worldly aesthetic and love for design to how I grew up.  A first generation American born to West Indian parents, who were each pioneers in their own respective families, has inspired and instilled in me a love for travel and a fine appreciation for people and their culture from an early age.  Not to mention loving to spend time with and learn from the most creative person I've ever known, my grandmother who was a designer of all things...hats, flower arrangements, clothes and interiors.

My eclectic design style stems from the equally eclectic life I've lived.  Growing up in San Diego, California then moving to New York City to attend New York University, I consider myself a laid back "California girl" who is completely in love with the bright lights and hustle and bustle of the big city.  So from San Diego to New York City and my travels across the world in between, my persona and style is a combination of my multifaceted life experiences.

Even though I've loved decorating and designing my personal spaces from an early age, I never considered interior design as a career until a few years ago.  After graduating from college and doing a lot of traveling to experience the world I settled into a career as an elementary school teacher, a job I discovered I was good at while teaching English as a second language to earn money as I traveled.  But through it all I never stopped designing and redesigning my own home and interiors, which has been many since I've lived in a variety of apartments and neighborhoods throughout New York City and the world over the years.  Truly that love for interior design was always in me and needed to be expressed, even if it was through decorating my First grade classroom differently at the beginning of each new school year.

But eventually just decorating my own apartment every few years or helping friends and family decorate theirs wasn't enough. I started to realize I was happiest when perusing furniture and home decor stores, or transforming old pieces of furniture into something beautiful with my DIY ideas, or roaming the aisles of Home Depot in search of items for my latest project.  There was an abundance of creativity in me that needed to come out and be expressed much more often than just occasionally.

Finally in 2013 I decided to take Continuing Education classes at Parsons The New School For Design to earn a Certificate in Interior Design.  It was time to take my passion and love for designing interiors and turn it into a career.  As well as honing in on the professional skills I've developed throughout my years of teaching and necessary to have and use daily as an interior designer such as, juggling multiple tasks throughout the day, dealing with and catering to a variety of people and personalities and being an excellent project manager ultimately making sure the job gets done and is correct.

It has been quite a journey especially trying to incorporate my caviar taste with my public school teacher budget.  But it's lead me to discover amazing ways to design on a dime whether it's shopping at flea markets, reusing and repurposing items, or mastering the art of bargaining, I've always figured out a way to make my design dreams come true.  And I can do the same for you.